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How to Change Name Servers in Google Domains

Google has recently become a domain registrar and allows you register domains of many different types for a relatively low cost. You can use a domain registered through Google Domains, but you will either need to point an A Record to a Mungy Hosting server, or change the name servers to point to Mungy Hosting. The following tutorial will walk you through how to change the name servers to point to Mungy Hosting web servers.

Step 1: Login to your Google Domains Account.

Step 2: If you have multiple domains, you will need to select the domain where you will change the DNS. If you hover over the icon, you will see that the third icon to the right will be labeled Configure DNS. Click on this icon.

Step 3: A section titled Name servers will appear and you will have the option to select either: Use Google’s name servers or Use custom name servers. Click on Use custom name servers.

Step 4: Click on the blue button labeled ADD in order to add your name servers. If you make a mistake or there are name servers already in this section, you can click on Edit in order to make changes to name servers. Mungy Hosting only uses two name servers:

Step 5: Once you have completed adding the name servers, click on SAVE to save your changes.

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